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New Resources Focus on Internal Controls

CIP Core is adding a substantial amount of content to the members-only Resources section of the website. The content is all driven around the centralized theme of how we shape our behaviors to accomplish our compliance goals.

We already know that means getting control over a lot of things, and internal controls are a core part of the answer to sustainable NERC compliance.

To support this we’re collecting a variety of content – from high-level presentations on CIP, CIP Low and Internal Controls to detailed evidence mapping strategies, control elements like roles and responsibilities, how controls breakout over the standards – and other content along these lines.

A lot of the content we’re providing isn’t going to give one big answer, but it helps to see different approaches. Some of the work is rather extensive so it’s not readily available many places. Hopefully as we continue to build these resources out they will help more and more people.

From simple, straightforward training to complicated internal control design documentation, CIP Core offers a wealth of resources to support our members.