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NERC Operations and Planning Internal Controls Reference Released

From the Leading Authors on NERC Compliance, the Internal Controls Reference for NERC Operations and Planning GO + GOP. is now available!

VANCOUVER, WA, Apr 29th – CIP Core, Inc. (non-profit) is excited to announce the availability of a new book, NERC OPERATIONS AND PLANNING INTERNAL CONTROLS REFERENCE (GO + GOP) with 35 Internal Control Designs written by CIP Core Founders Terry Schurter and Karl Perman.

The controls use a common design model including the name, description, business rules, measures and requirements, evidence to be collected, tasks, roles, forms, fields and workflow for each control. The controls come from actual use cases in the field from across North America (United States and Canada).

The controls are ideal for anyone desiring to implement or improve their NERC Operations and Planning internal controls strategy or it can one of multiple resources used when designing your internal controls for compliance. Regardless, the importance of internal controls, particularly for cyber security and NERC compliance, is quickly becoming a must for many companies and this book represents a fast-track means to getting your hands around internal controls for NERC Operations and Planning fast.

The print version of the book is available for $40.00 on Amazon available here: NERC Operations and Planning Internal Controls Reference Print Version – Amazon

The digital version is available from CIP Core here

The digital version with member discount is available (members only)

TERRY SCHURTER is co-founder and President of CIP Core, Inc. Terry’s won awards for controls engineering, software development, and Global Thought Leadership. He’s worked with utilities and vendors across the country building solutions for NERC compliance, in particular with NERC CIP. Terry is author/co-author of Protecting Critical Infrastructure, CIP Low, Customer Expectation Management, The Insiders’ Guide to BPM, and Technologies for Government Transformation.

KARL PERMAN is co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of CIP Core – and an energy sector consultant for NERC compliance, cyber security, physical security, reliability, and risk management. He’s also an educator / University of Phoenix faculty member in criminal justice, security and information technology. Karl’s on the EnergySec Board of Directors and ASIS International Investigations Council with past critical infrastructure protection leadership positions at Exelon Corporation and Southern California Edison. He has a Master’s Degree in Public Safety Administration from Lewis University and Bachelor’s in Public Law and Government from Eastern Michigan University.

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